I’ve played in a band since I was 15.  I’ve been putting out my own music since then.   I always wanted to build something of my own and help out my community, and the world in general some how.  Music really helped me become the person I am, and I think I’m doing alright, so I figured that getting more of the music which guided me out there into the world would be the best thing I could do to make society a better place.  Thus we come to the formation of Baby Moon Records. The name came from a fly by night label out of Greenville, SC on which my girlfriend’s father released his first album (my girlfriend is Liz, she also helps at BMR and her father’s band was Slavdik).   I thought it gave a good historical connection to the music scene of SC, something for which I have a particular affinity.  Now Baby Moon Records is based, proudly, in Columbia, SC.

But let me get real.  Baby Moon is about enfranchising the people; it’s about building something of our own, that “our” being anyone who is involved in the label in the tiniest bit.  The current capitalist economic system is built around allowing common people into quick, and stifling debt which forces them into subjection to companies and corporations, big or small, thus suffocating any creativity, hopes, or aspirations outside of relinquishing one’s self from this burden.  But here at Baby Moon, we want your creativity, we want your dreams and ambitions;  if you want to play music, and you’re good enough, we want you!  If you want to book shows for bands, and you can get it done, we want you!  If you want to write, or create art in any manner, we want you!  Don’t let the bastards lead you down a road which keeps you pulling while they ride the cart that breaks your back!  Join the Baby Moon Family and create a new path. Send your creative input to themoon@babymoonrecords.com

Thank you! More music to come!